Please, on or before November 8, 2016, join your police officers and fire fighters in voting Yes on Proposition 407. This measure is an enormous step forward when it comes to keeping our families, our businesses and our homes safe. It will raise Yuma’s quality of life, protect our home values and make sure that in an emergency, you have the first responders you need at the moment you need them.

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Together, your Yuma police officers and fire fighters handle more than 230,000 calls to the city’s emergency dispatch center annually – crimes in progress, fires, car crashes and child drownings, heart attacks and emergency rescues.

That’s 26 calls each and every hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We get a call from the residents we serve every two minutes or so, all day, every day.

We handle your emergency calls with fewer than 300 sworn police officers and fire fighters. Together, the men and women on the frontlines of Yuma public safety serve more than 93,000 residents and 80,000 winter visitors spread out across 120 square miles.

When it comes to public safety, every second counts.

A YES vote on Proposition 407 will allow us to purchase new bulletproof vests and Tasers and replace antiquated police and fire vehicles.

And it will allow us to improve training for Yuma police officers and fire fighters, so when you dial 911, we respond as quickly possible and as prepared as we can possibly be.

The revenue raised by Proposition 407 also will be used to fund necessary repairs to our city’s streets and roads – beginning with the more than 112 miles of Yuma streets currently ranked in “poor condition.”

Paid for by Yes for Yuma Public Safety